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XML 2006 was a lot of fun

December 10th, 2006 · No Comments

A few pictures from a memorable dinner with Ralf Lämmel (LINQ) and Stan from Microsoft Corporation, Daniela Florescu (XQuery) from Oracle, Igor Peshansky from IBM (XJ), Tim Kraska from ETH (XQuery), and myself from Google: too bad the Yahoo guys were not around!
During their session Ralph and Dana were arguing a lot about Linq vs XQuery so it was a pleasure to get them to agree on something: let’s go for dinner!

From XML 2006

Another angle of controversy was database choice: with representatives from Microsoft, Oracle and IBM there were many jokes flying. I love these pictures of Ralph and Igor wearing an Oracle cap:

From XML 2006

Last controversial angle: recruitment! Tim is doing his Phd at ETH and everyone at the table was trying to recruit him!

From XML 2006

Conclusion: that was a fun dinner. Amazing how angle brackets and a few bottles of wine work their magic.

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