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Blogging again

March 10th, 2008 · 1 Comment

This is my 6th blog since 2002: in the past 6 years I’ve been blogging with a very irregular posting pattern, my main interest being initially in the technical aspect of blogging platforms. I’ve changed platform in average every year (details in the About page), but did not spend much effort marketing my blogs: a few posts to share links with folks interested in the same technical topics, and posting slides or code samples occasionally. A few years ago I stopped blogging about new links and started using my delicious feed for sharing these, and these days I use my FriendFeed page for sharing.

This year I decided to blog a bit more, essentially about the OpenSocial API, but maybe about other topics as well, technical or personal.
The first step was to clean up the mess of various blogs spread out at many urls: creating redirects from old blogs to this one, and claiming my blog on Technorati through this post.
Patrick Chanezon’s Technorati Profile

Then adding rel=”me” attribute to many links, to make it easier for the social graph spider to index my online presence. I guess I also need to do that on my old blogs.

One issue I have is with styling the FriendFeed widget in the sidebar. It appears as very tall, with a lot of whitespace: next step is to do a bit of css work on this blog to make it easier to read.

Let’s see what I can do in the next few weeks.


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  • 1 Nick Lothian // Mar 12, 2008 at 5:01 am

    Good to see you blogging again.

    I’ve found myself doing a lot of microblogging lately, too. Usually there’s some link I want to post to some friends with a short comment. Twitter isn’t useful for this because turning the link into a tinyurl makes it hard to read what you are talking about at a glance.

    I was using del.icio.us, but that didn’t always seem appropriate. Lately I’ve been using the Google “Share” thing (http://www.google.com/s2/sharing/stuff?user=100954114317091538635&output=html), which seems wildly underutilised, and almost perfect.

    The only problem is that the RSS feed that comes out of it adds a lot of stuff to the description, which isn’t perfect. (See http://me.edu.au/p/nlothian)

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