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Delicious-to-Blekko search conversion hack

October 31st, 2010 · 7 Comments

I’ve learned about Blekko’s new “slashtag” based custom search engine in Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Land Blog and it made me want to try an experiment: over the past 5 years I have used delicious to tag 6000 articles, applying 14000 tags to them, why not creating a custom search engine based on these tags?

Got to Delicious, Export your bookmarks,  then apply a unix one liner:

lynx -dump delicious-20101031.htm | egrep -o "http://[^/]*/" > cloud.txt

Which gave me a list of the 156 sites I have bookmarked on the topic cloud.
Then I created a profile in Blekko, and a slashtag, uploading the list of sites.

Here’s my custom search engine for cloud, results seem quite relevant, like in this query for App Engine.

Took me 10 minutes to create this, it was so fun that it even enticed me to start blogging again:-)

Now I wish that Blekko would implement the delicious integration themselves to avoid the need for file download, unix manipulation and file upload: that’s what APIs are for. On the other hand, this could be implemented as a Chrome Extension.


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