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Sun’s Socialsite released: an open source social network server implementing OpenSocial

August 13th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Dave Johnson announced projet Socialsite at JavaOne last may. Socialsite is an open source (CDDL/GPL) social network server based on Apache Shindig (Java) that implements the database and User Interface for a full fledge social network. Since it is based on Shindig, it implements OpenSocial. A smart decision they made was to implement the user interface (manage you profile and friends) as widgets, so that you can embed it in an existing site that is not necessarily developed in Java.

I have talked about Socialsite in all my presentations since may, but the source code was not available yet.

On friday they finally released the source code for Socialsite: time to svn checkout and play!

I expect that Socialsite will be very popular with corporations who want to create a corporate internal social network, or a controlled extranet social network with their suppliers and customers. Socialsite is the first OpenSocial open source server I have heard of: now that Shindig Java and PHP start to get quite mature, I expect there will be others.

Congrats to Dave and the Sun team

Here’s a quick guide to the Project SocialSite bits that are ready today:

Project SocialSite homepage on Java.net, with mailing lists and more:

Project SocialSite source code in Subversion:

Installation and build instructions:

Screencast that illustrates the project concept:

Our downloads page where you can find the latest build:

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