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How a Platform based on Open Web standards makes sense during an economic downturn

March 16th, 2009 · 2 Comments

This morning I gave a keynote at the EDC | 2009 Developers Relation Conference called: Google Developer Program: How a Platform based on Open Web standards makes sense during an economic downturn. Since the audience was full of people who do slideware all year long for a living, I though slides would bore them (and at 8:50 in the morning boredom means sleep) I tried a different presentation format and talked through a set of tabs in my browser, containing sites, slides for old presentations, pictures and cool demos. I hope the format worked for those of you in the room. Here are the links I presented as promised.

The main argument of the talk is that one of the inherent advantage of building your platform on open standards and open source gives you a hard to match marketing advantage over your competitors who have to buy attention: you have a lower marketing budget for the same, or more powerful effect. In the current downturn, with shrinking marketing budgets, this seems like a good strategy. I illustrated the talk with various developer events to build the opensocial ecosystem with many partners over the past 18 months.

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